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Facebook news feed changes 2017

Facebook News Feed Changes 2017 – Facebook Testing its New Features By Splitting its News Feed In Two Parts


Facebook is testing out its News Feeds by parting them it two parts. Yes, you heard it Right. Facebook is testing a change that could have a dramatic impact on media organizations & other publishers that use Facebook’s network to distribute their stories and information.

The change affects posts published on Facebook Pages, the profile-like web pages on the site that are reserved for businesses, organizations, professionals, & public figures etc.

At present, this trial is limited to users in the six countries i.e. Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala & Cambodia—will now be able to see a split news feed that moves everything except your friend’s posts out of the primary feed, and moves them to another feed called “Explore”. The main News Feed reserved for only posts from friends, ads, and individual posts that organizations operating Facebook Pages pay to promote.

The changes were experienced by a Slovakian journalist Filip Struharik,

“Pages are seeing dramatic drops in organic reach,” The reach of several Facebook pages fell on Thursday and Friday by two-thirds compared to previous days.”

Facebook news feed changes 2017

Main Key Points of Facebook news feed changes 2017:

  • Facebook is currently testing a “BRAND NEW FEATURE” that would force news publishers to pay for posts they make to their Facebook Pages to be shown in users’ News Feed.
  • In 6 countries, posts made on Facebook Pages are now shown in a different Explore tab, while the main News Feed only shows posts from friends, ads, & posts that companies paid to promote their operating Pages.
  • Facebook said it has no current plans to roll the change out globally for it’s 2 billion users.

We think that this change can be a windfall or scourge for small publishers. It depends on the type of business which uses Facebook as their major traffic generation source.


  • A Step for Limiting Media Agencies posting fake news = VOILA Limitation ON FAKE NEWS.
  • Making a News Feed that keeps friends front & centre.
  • No More Bombarding Promotional Content.
  • The only Brand & Paid, Unique Content (Facebook’s USP Exclusivity).


  • The difficulty for Start-up Media Agencies and Publishers.
  • Increase in online spends budgets – Pay then Play.
  • Small business or publishers may switch to other platforms seeking more opportunities & grow.
  • Limited Traffic from Facebook to Small & Struggling publishers.

Let us know what are your thoughts about these Facebook news feed changes 2017



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